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(BH 95) - 2007, William Fevre, Bougros, Cote Bouguerots, Chablis Grand Cru (Blanc/白酒)

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👍William Fevre其下最好的一款Chablis Grand Cru👑(BH 9️⃣5️⃣超高分💯)
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💯Wine Enthusiast俾呢支酒9️⃣5️⃣超高分
🍇Cote Bouguerots地塊位於Bougros ”特級田”中最陡峭的位置, 緊連Serein河邊, 讓這個地塊得吸收到更多的陽光, 生產出更高品質的葡萄
👍比酒莊另一款一般的Bougros高一個層次, 更是酒莊其下6個Chablis Grand Cru酒款中最好的一款
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酒莊由William Fevre於1959年建立, 是Chablis產區中最富盛名的酒莊之一👍, 也是擁有最多土地的酒莊, 葡萄園總面積約76公頃, 其中15公頃為”特級田”(Grand Cru👑). William Fevre在1998年退休後把酒莊賣給Joseph Henriot, 由Didier Seguier擔任釀酒師.

酒莊其下擁有6️⃣個Chablis Grand Cru酒款, 今次的Cote Bouguerots地塊位於Bougros ”特級田”中最陡峭的位置, 緊連Serein河邊, 讓這個地塊得吸收到更多的陽光☀️, 生產出更高品質的葡萄🍇. 此酒款比酒莊另一款一般的Bougros高一個層次⬆️, 更是酒莊其下6個Chablis Grand Cru酒款中最好的一款👍.

Burghound和Wine Enthusiast都俾呢支Chablis Grand Cru 9️⃣5️⃣超高分💯, 小店特價只係$738 /支💰, 原箱返貨, 想試就要快手D落單喇~

(酒款葡萄比例約為100% Chardonnay, 陳釀14-15個月, 當中50-60%的葡萄酒在橡木桶中陳釀5-6個月, 其餘部分在小鋼桶中陳釀)
Allen Meadows’ Burghound (95 points) - “A cool, ultra-fresh and still moderately primary nose features the barest hint of wood spice that frames the highly expressive green and yellow fruit, floral, iodine and oyster-shell-inflected aromas. The strikingly intense, powerful and beautifully delineated flavors that are underpinned by a driving minerality and stunning length that flashes superb balance thanks in part to the still firm acid spine. In this format this should continue to age effortlessly for at least another 15 years, indeed it still has not reached its apogee even if it wouldn't be a vinous crime to open a magnum. In sum, this is a stunner of a wine.”
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