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(WA 93) - 2012, Michel & Stephane Ogier, Condrieu, La Combe de Malleval, Rhone

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💯酒莊的旗艦酒款Cote Rotie, La Belle Helene曾多次榮獲Robert Parker 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣分的🈵分殊榮(1999/ 2009/ 2010年份)
Robert Parker把M & S Ogier評為最頂級的滿分5️⃣星名莊
👍莊主Stephane Ogier在Burgundy學習後, 把風土(Terroir)/地塊(lieux-dits)的概念引進到北隆河產區
🍇80年代酒莊自行釀造裝瓶前, 收成主要賣給Guigal和Chapoutier兩間隆河名莊
👍Condrieu是北隆河著名的頂級白酒產區, 以勁花香的Viognier葡萄而聞名
😋飲果陣記得唔好chill太凍, 否則香氣會被封閉
💯Wine Advocate俾呢支酒9️⃣3️⃣高分
💯Wine Spectator俾呢支酒9️⃣3️⃣高分
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Ogier家族7代人都在北隆河種植葡萄, 在成立酒莊之前, 收成主要賣給Guigal和Chapoutier兩間隆河名莊🏰. 直至80年代莊主Michel Ogier成立酒莊自行釀造裝瓶🍷, 而Michel的兒子Stephane Ogier在Burgundy學習後, 亦在90年代尾接手管理酒莊👍, 並把風土(Terroir)/地塊(lieux-dits)的概念引進到北隆河產區🍇, 當中的旗艦酒款Cote Rotie, La Belle Helene曾多次榮獲Robert Parker 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣🈵分(1999/ 2009/ 2010年份)💯.

(Vintage 2012) Wine Advocate (93 points) –“More deep and layered, the 2012 Condrieu La Combe de Malleval offers knockout aromas and flavors of tangerine, apricot, white flowers and lychee nut. A classic Condrieu, with beautiful aromatics, plenty of texture and a clean finish, enjoy it over the coming 3-5 years. One of the next generation of winemakers to come up through the ranks by working with his father, the young, yet talented, Stephane Ogier (who is one of the youngest vignerons in the appellation) has been fully in control at this brilliant estate since around 2003. Covering roughly 7 acres in Cote Rotie, there are new plantings just now coming on line, both in Cote Rotie and in the surrounding regions as well. In addition, they are in the process of building a completely new cellar located on the western edge of Ampuis. There’s lots going on here, and if you’re a young wine lover today, count yourself lucky that there are young vignerons of this caliber out there. Looking at the 2011s, these show slightly more linear profiles than the 2012s, yet both vintages possess fantastic purity of fruit and overall elegant profiles.”
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